BC Game Review Australia

Go on over to the BC Game main page to get started. Click the Member Registration item in the menu to begin the membership registration process. The fields that allow you to input data will thereafter become visible. Enter your username and password again, then enter your date of birth, phone number to contact to get a BC Game membership, and, if applicable, your casino introducer ID. Email ID OF LINE If you would want to proceed with the previous order, please. If your real address is different from the one you provide when you request a withdrawal, it can take longer to process. So, please be careful to mention the correct address. Finally, in order to finish up for BC Game, indicate that this is your first time doing so by checking the box and then clicking Sign up.

Feeling let down by the game’s search feature… You won’t be able to locate the game if you can’t recall its name, and you won’t be able to search by game provider either.

  • There aren’t a ton of games yet, but I should be able to track it out somehow.
  • While the site’s English translation is good, it’s not simple to use, and you won’t hear the phrase don’t understand what you’re saying.
  • The search tool should be enhanced as the number of games rises going forward.
  • The layout and design are decent, thus it will get a better rating.